Two-Stage 2.5" Toothless Grinder

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The finest grind period. The toothless grinder grinds. Don't shred, GRIND. Lifetime warranty. Made in Montreal.

2-Stage Vs 4-Stage Grinders

A 2-stage grinder is your standard, trusty two piece unit, featuring a lid on top and a compartment on the bottom.

It’s the old school option, and if you’re looking to go this route, we’ve got you covered - our traditional grinders come with powerful magnets and a one piece top with an almost unbreakable square tooth design for a nice fluffy grind.

If you’re looking for the next level in grinding, our patented toothless technology is far and away the best option on the market. Whether you want fluffy or a fine powder for your vape, our unique design offers what most other models can’t - a 100% easily customizable grind.

Rekt toothless grinders come equipped with a removable magnetic filter and have filters of different micron sizes (sold separately) for maximum kief collection, and feature an interior design that funnels materials to the screen.

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