Why You Should Use A Weed Grinder

A good weed grinder is a must-have in any cannabis arsenal.  

It’s also one of the more overlooked components in most user’s setup.  After all, why invest in a fancy grinder when a kitchen knife, pair of scissors or, you know, your fingers will do trick.

So if you’re not quite sold on the need to properly grind your weed, here are a few reasons you should consider.

Better Taste & Smell

Taking the time to properly grind your flower into a beautiful fluffy pile isn’t just a cosmetic issue, it’s a quality one as well.  Simply put, cannabis that’s been ground evenly smells and tastes a whole lot better.  

A good grinder will help release the natural terpenes found in the plant that give it its unique scent and flavor.  Properly ground pot also hits smoother, burns more evenly and allows you to pack more into your bowls.

And the best way to get that nice even grind is to use the right tools.


On top of producing better tasting bud, a good cannabis grinder can also help with the overall potency and experience you get out of your pot as well.

The term “kief” refers to the tiny trichome crystals that cover the cannabis flower.  And it turns out that these little trichomes pack in a disproportionately high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to the rest of the plant.

This is why a weed grinder is so critical.  A good grinder will come with a screen that effectively acts as a kief collector, separating it from the rest of the flower.  This kief can then be collected and sprinkled into your bowl or joint, turned into hash, or even added into something like homemade cannabutter.

Choosing A Grinder

While there are a number of different herb grinders available on the market, we’ll be focusing on the handheld variety.   And when it comes to material, solid metal really is the standard - it’s strong, durable, and makes the whole grinding process so much easier.

2-Stage Vs 4-Stage Grinders

A 2-stage grinder is your standard, trusty two piece unit, featuring a lid on top and a compartment on the bottom.

A 4-stage grinder is (as the name implies) a four piece unit that goes the extra step of including a screen and an additional compartment that acts as a kief collector - perfect if you’re looking to step your game up and get the most out of your weed.

Traditional Vs Toothless Grinders

A traditional grinder is one that features a set of “teeth” that break up and grind the flower.  

It’s the old school option, and if you’re looking to go this route, we’ve got you covered - our traditional grinders come with powerful magnets and a one piece top with an almost unbreakable square tooth design for a nice fluffy grind.

If you’re looking for the nextlevel in grinding, our patented toothless technology is far and away the best option on the market.  Whether you want fluffy or a fine powder for your vape, our unique design offers what most other models can’t - a 100% easily customizable grind.

Rekt toothless grinders come equipped with a removable magnetic filter and have filters of different micron sizes (sold separately) for maximum kief collection, and feature an interior design that funnels materials to the screen.  

They’re also easier to load than traditional grinders and have improved dummy threading to prevent seizing, making them the ideal choice for medical patients.

All of our traditional and toothless grinders are made with aircraft grade anodized aluminum for maximum durability, come with a lifetime warranty and are available in multiple sizes (2 and 4-stage available).