Four Creative Ways To Use Your Kief Collection

If you’ve been using your weed grinder for a while, you’ve probably figured out that there are a ton of benefits that come with it - once you’ve experienced rolling a joint or packing a bowl with a nice, fluffy, even pile of bud, most smokers never go back.

But the benefits of a good grind go way beyond that.  Here are four ways you can take the kief that’s been building up in your grinder for the last few months and put it to good use.

What Is Kief (And Why Should You Save It)?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “kief” refers to the tiny trichome crystals found on the cannabis plant.  During the grinding process, these trichomes get separated from the flower itself.

If you’ve been using a 4-stage grinder for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed them piling up in the kief collector.  While it may seem obvious to experienced smokers, it’s worth saying for newbies - DON’T throw them in the garbage.  These little resinous crystals contain a disproportionately high amount of THC and terpenes, and (with a little creativity) that stash you’ve been building up over the last few months can be put to good use.

Top Up A Bowl Or A Joint

One of the easiest ways to use your kief collection is by adding it to a joint or bowl you were already planning on smoking for some extra kick. 

For a joint, simply sprinkle it into the middle before rolling.  After you’ve rolled it, you could even lightly moisten it and then roll the entire joint in kief so that it coats the outside as well.

The same principle applies to bowls - sprinkle your kief onto the top of a bowl you’ve already packed (make sure you corner your hits to get the most bang for your buck).

Add It To Your Edibles

Just like you can make a joint or a bowl more potent with kief, you can do the same thing with edibles.

But while the principle may be the same, the process is slightly more complicated.  Preparing kief for edible consumption isn’t quite as easy as simply sprinkling it in, and will require you to decarboxylate it first to make it more bioavailable (i.e. it becomes easier for your body to absorb and process).

Once you’ve decarbed your kief, you can infuse it into your cannabutter or oil and start cooking away.

Put It In Your Coffee

If you don’t want to go through all the steps of infusing cannabutter (or you just like a bit of caffeine and cannabis in the morning), you can simply pop it in your morning coffee or latte.

The beauty of this is just how easy it is.  The heat will take care of the decarboxylation process and activate the cannabinoids - simply add up to a gram of kief with your coffee (or whatever warm beverage you’re drinking), give it a mix, and you’re in business.

Make Hash

One of the most old school ways of using you precious kief is to turn it into hash.  

At the end of the day, this is essentially what hash is - trichomes that have been separated and treated with heat and pressure.

It’s also one of the easiest -making hash from your kiefcollection requires minimal time and can be done with a few simple household items.

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