Bong Hygiene 101 - How To Stay Healthy And Keep Your Bong Clean

Bong neglect is something that most of us have been guilty of at some point.  


We know we should be changing our bong water and keeping it clean on the regular…but much like our kitchen and our car, sometimes it’s simply easier to leave it for later.

So if your bong’s been looking more like a science experiment than a pristine piece of glasswork, this is for you.

Why A Clean Bong Matters

The first (and most obvious) reasons that you should keep your gear clean is pretty straightforward - taking a hit from a nasty, filthy bong is disgusting.

Not only is it gross, it also takes away from the overall experience.  While newbies may not notice, the more experienced you get with cannabis the more you start to appreciate the subtle nuances.  Terpenes (which are responsible for a lot of the plant’s scent and flavor) don’t just smell and taste good, they may also provide therapeutic benefits.

But it turns out that a dirty bong isn’t just unpleasant, it could also be hazardous to your health.  Like any damp environment, your water pipe is a breeding ground for the same kind of bacteria and fungus you’d find in a dirty bathroom or kitchen.

That pink film and those white fuzzy spots that have been sprouting up over the last month?  Yeah…thats a fungus - and inhaling it isn’t a good idea.  

And while it probably won’t kill you, if your bong is dirty enough, you could very well end up with a respiratory infection, or even something as nasty as E. coli or parasites.


3 Tips For Properly Cleaning Your Bong

Fortunately, keeping everything clean and preventing all of this from happening is really quite easy.  Here are a few tips for keeping your glass bong spick and span.

Tip #1 - Change Your Water Often

One of the easiest ways to practice solid bong hygiene is to change the water often.  Just doing this will go a long way to help prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Generally speaking, users should change their water daily, and three days is probably the longest you’ll want to leave it.

Tip #2 - Use An Isopropyl Alcohol And Kosher Salt

When it comes to the actual cleaning process, you really can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true isopropyl alcohol (aka “rubbing alcohol”) and kosher salt mix.  The alcohol will clean and disinfect, while the added salt will go the extra step to stripping all the caked-on gunk off your glass.

The process is pretty straightforward - simply pop the two ingredients into the pipe and shake it to dissolve all the buildup (you can cover the top with plastic wrap and rubber bands if it’s real dirty and you need to give it a good shake).  

Once you’re done, simply rinse it out thoroughly with hot water.

Tip #3 - Use An Ash Catcher

If you want to seriously reduce the amount of time and effort spent cleaning, an ash catcher is an absolute lifesaver.  These handy little attachments catch ash and debris, filtering the smoke so that less tar gets through.

The end result is a bong that stays much cleaner for waylonger.

To get yourself setup with one of these beauties, be sure to Get Rekt with our full selection of ash catchers and glass bongs.  Featuring high end design and quality, all models feature percs for a smoother taste and come in various sizes.

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