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Toothless Grinder, The Finest Grind, Period.
Modern innovation meets timeless technology. Introducing the unique patented Rekt Toothless Grinder. Don’t shred, grind.
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Rekt was founded by 3 counterculture enthusiast, whose love for smoking is only surpassed by their entrepreneurial drive. The founders have been in the industry for over 30 years! They formed Rekt as a complementary brand to their smoking accessories chain, which is known as the benchmark of the industry. Being familiar with the retail space allowed them to create the ultimate brand. They are not only connoisseurs but also businessmen who are familiar with the faults of the competition and perhaps most importantly, they are aware of what consumers want from their smoking accessories.

“We are enthusiast just like you and just like you; we appreciate good quality at an affordable price. Our products are tested internally to ensure they have earned the right to bare the brand. Only products ensured to get you Rekt, are worthy.”

Rekt is more than just a smoking accessories brand, it is a crusade led by consumers, for consumers. Every product sold is created using the input of the end user. From the design to the price, everything is tailored to what consumers want. While other manufacturers are building products they think consumers will enjoy, Rekt is building products that consumers have been asking for. This is the Rekt philosophy.

Join the Rekt movement; it’s a Joint effort!
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